John Schneider's ANDERSON BENCH on DVD

  • $19.88

Some people are actually afraid to watch this movie!

Come on... be honest... haven't YOU ever wanted to toss someone who was incredibly insulting and down right mean to you into an industrial chipper shredder named "Emma?"

Be honest!

This is a great ride and getting fantastic reviews from everyone who has seen it. It came from the depths of my soul and we filled the whole thing right here at John Schneider Studios!

Take a risk. Push the envelope and watch this movie with a friend (but please... not someone under fifteen!). I promise it will make you laugh, cry and even think a little! 

SPECIAL NOTE: There are THREE ways you can order this item:

1 - Just the DVD all by it's lonesome with NO autograph of ANY KIND,

2 - This amazing movie with my amazing signature on the front WITHOUT YOUR NAME,

3 - This wonderful romp into my darker recesses on DVD with not only MY SIGNATURE but also with YOUR NAME on the cover! For example: To Faydra, Enjoy! John R. Schneider

Each version gets a little more expensive but I personally believe it's worth it.


Your twisted friend,